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traeume015 animiert mit Script
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Custom Womens Designer Shoes Become Hot New Trend
Not since the 1970s when Candie's took the fashion industry by storm have shoes experienced something so excitingly trendy. As Candie's revs up for its return with Fergie as their new spokesmodel, the fashion fad is set to explode, and shoe innovator Morgan Miller is at the forefront customizing the craze. Providing the ingredients for funloving standards, Morgan Miller is putting the creative energy in the hands of her stylish clientele by enabling them to design their own custommade shoes. Combining an unending array of materials, the new brand is appealing to this generation's popglam attractions and their desire to share their ideas and eclectic creations with the world.
The vibrant shoe enthusiast opened her first boutique on South Beach, just off famed Lincoln Road,http://www.michaelkors-here.net/, where fashionforward shoe addicts can steer away from predictable pumps at chain stores to blueprint their own signature style. Whether desiring delicate kitten heels for a garden party, or jeweled, overthetop, glam stilettos for a night on the town, Morgan Miller turns dreams into reality in 30 minutes. Even the guys are getting in on the action. Former N'Syncer Joey Fatone picked out red python for his wife, and celebblogger Perez Hilton steered his mother towards pinks strappy sandals.
No longer are fashion mavens at the mercy of designers, rather, they have the chance to be the trendsetters and express themselves to others. From the fashion conservative to the risktaker, to the girl who has everything, the possibilities are endless with Morgan Miller's custom womens designer shoes.
With superchic and colorful dcor promoting extensive creativity, the boutique is both contemporary and feminine. Under the lights and sparkle of Swarovski crystal chandeliers, there's an alluring selection of soles, spanning wooden heels to cork wedges, and more than 100 swatches in various patterns, leathers and exotic skins from python to alligator. Fabulous accessories such as Harry Winston jewels, square buckles, gold chains and bamboo rings personalize the look even further. With the ultimate girls just want to have fun ambiance, customers enjoy laughter, conversation and champagne while inhouse couture cobblers craft their individualized shoes. Final designs are then presented in princess fashion on silver Tiffany platters.
Miller, a 25yearold native of New York City and an avid shoe collector, was inspired to create this new fashion concept from her childhood trips to Europe for fashion weeks and trade shows with her father, who worked with such wellrespected brands as Gucci, Canali and Zilli. It was in a shop on the Italian island of Capri where sandals were styled for Miller's 6yearold foot. Her Italian shoe affair continued in her preteens with her first designer pairs simple black Prada wedges with a lucite buckle, and Dolce Gabbana cork wedges with a denim strap and gold sequin accents. It seems that violent crime and dreadful information is unabating. Indian Surrogacy is wide hospitable individuals from everywhere the globe and also the predominant thought is that the convenience of Surrogate a .
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